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Multi-objective planning permits to minimize costs and to manage efficiently the works under the project

1229275591_o_049_0156.jpgEfficient interaction of all contractors and meeting of deadlines for execution of works are undoubted pre-requisites for successful implementation of any large project. For this purpose «ARMO-LINE» experts execute at the very beginning of the project life cycle preliminary planning based on a deep and comprehensive analysis of the object specificity, which is executed subject to the cost minimization on the part of the Customer. Subsequently the project budget is formed and the work schedule is itemized on the basis of that plan.

Although planning is an interactive process, i.e. it is executed within the whole period of the project implementation, the preliminary plan must be prepared especially carefully. It is a generalized presentation of the forthcoming work scope, and in the course of preparation thereof the main, key events in the project are determined, the tasks are formulated roughly and the degree of interdependence of main types of works is determined.

In the course of planning «ARMO-LINE» employees follow a concise logical sequence, and the preliminary plan preparation process includes the following steps, each of them being intended to answer the respective question:


Concept formulation and the project objectives planning.



The project objectives decomposition, the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) development.



Appointment of the persons in charge. The project Organization Chart (OC) development.



Development of the project implementation strategy, plan construction by benchmarks.



The project tactics and network models development.

How thoroughly?

The planning process is not completed at that stage, but is continued within the whole period of the project development. For example, at the very beginning of the project the Customer determines its key benchmarks, but in the course of the detailed plan development «ARMO-LINE» experts may find out the wrong sequence if not entire inaccessibility thereof. In such cases the plans are corrected, and additional negotiations with the Customer are held. Besides, in the course of the project implementation the plans are made more detailed, smaller benchmarks are determined (for working groups and separate contractors); the principal resources (the project management, key contractors) are appointed at early stages of the project, and specific ones (specific contractors) are determined at the later stages.

Besides, «ARMO-LINE» employees manage the planning process, identify risks and calculate probabilities thereof, and form the plans for management of changes in the project. The plan optimization, review and documenting procedures are organized also at this stage.

At the stage of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) development «ARMO-LINE» managers determine the relations between the project plan and the Customer's needs, which are represented in the form of functional specifications or works description.

The planning process may be started not only in the presence of the ready detailed technical specifications, but in the presence of nothing more than a contract with described main and supporting types of contractual works. Only functional specification or performance requirements in the most general form can be accessible in some situations at the planning stage.

When developing WBS «ARMO-LINE» pays the greatest attention to building up of the project hierarchic structure permitting to support efficiently the procedures for collection of information about execution of work and reflect the results at the information management system for the work schedules, costs, resources, and completion dates generalization.

At the next stage «ARMO-LINE» experts develop the Organization Chart (OC) and the Responsibility Matrix, which are the instruments for the team work structuring and ensuring achievement of the project objectives. OC is a description of the organizational structure required for execution of the works determined in WBS. Thus, the OC development objective is appointment of contractors for the works specified earlier in WBS, the scope of work determines to a large extent the form of the Project Team organizational structure.

The Responsibility Matrix describes the responsibilities of subdivisions for realization of each project element. Depending on the project specificity, types of responsibilities may differ, and the person directly responsible for execution of any detailed works plays the most important part in execution thereof.

Besides, people and organization rendering support of a direct executor, as well as those who execute assessment and acceptance of works, are reflected in the Matrix. Information about the activities of related and sub-contractors and people who were not involved directly in the project, but can render support in the Team work also can be reflected in this Matrix.

It should be noted in conclusion that the detailed elaboration of any crucial points at the preliminary planning stage permit to avoid a lot of problems arising when working in the project team consisting of a large number of companies. «ARMO-LINE»’s experience in implementation of any large projects, including international ones, knowledge of specifity of execution thereof and business psychology permit the company to foresee any eventual risks at the preliminary planning stage and organize efficient cooperation with Russian and foreign partners leading Your project to success.

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