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Preparation of a detailed work schedule for projects of any complexity

1240040746_shutterstock_1406901_1.jpgIt is necessary to develop a detailed work schedule for monitoring of the project progress. In this connection the schedule may be represented in different versions for different order types: from main benchmarks plan to complex software programs permitting to monitor the smallest work stages implementation. Using its wide experience of work with customers, «ARMO-LINE» executes planning of time and resource for projects of any complexity.


If the purpose of the initiating documents formation is elimination of key uncertainties with respect to the purposes, results and the project main stages then the work schedule for the project is developed by «ARMO-LINE» experts in order to eliminate uncertainties at more detailed level, which may be characterized as «the precise manner, in which the purposes and results will be achieved».


The project implementation consists of many stages and phases executed by various contractors. For its successful realization this complex process should be efficiently coordinated in time.


The following requirements are imposed on the planning and management systems applied at «ARMO-LINE»: the capability to estimate the current state, predict the further progress of work, to help to choose the right direction for affection on the current problems in order to execute the whole range of works within the prescribed time limits in accordance with the budget.


The sequence of works is determined at the detailed planning stage, for which purpose the network schedule reflecting interrelation between various classes of work required to achieve the project ultimate purpose is created.


It should be pointed out that such network planning is a flexible instrument for schedule preparation and helps materially in the analysis of execution thereof.


After the project network model development comes the stage of the ideal calendar progress chart composition, in creation whereof «ARMO-LINE» experts make for each class of work ideal estimates of the execution period thereof. Upon determination of such ideal estimates the resource limitation is neglected and only technological constraints and normative standards are taken into account. The findings are included in the network model and the total project duration is determined.


The existence of the network model permits to the «ARMO-LINE» manager to optimize and decrease the total project duration, which becomes possible by means of the following actions:

  •   reduction of execution time for certain works,
  •   organization of concurrent execution thereof,
  •   time gaps elimination. 

For optimization of the network model in time «ARMO-LINE» employees choose the very works, which actually determine the project duration and separate them from those, which do not affect the total implementation time. Such division permits to concentrate the optimization efforts at the required direction.


The list and quantity of the required resources are determined at the detailed planning stage, whereafter experts build up the matrix of their distribution by works for visual representation of interrelations and possibilities of optimization. Besides, the resource availability profile reflecting their existence at any time of the project implementation is developed.


Thus, the limitations are detected, which permit to execute further optimization of the ideal project schedule, which is remade after that into the real works schedule subject to eventual delays and risks. The price-time-quality relationship is optimized at that stage in accordance with the Customer's individual needs and a specific project particularity.


There is an uncertainty relation between the main project indicators: time, cost and quality in the general case. Upon improvement one parameter, one or two other always deteriorate. In order to find the optimal balance between those three indicators the manager’s longstanding practical experience is required upon project plan optimization.

After thorough analysis of all available resources (time, human, material) and their interrelations «ARMO-LINE» experts develop a detailed work execution schedule taking into consideration the correlation between the resources and possible risk, and reflecting interrelations and correlations between separate types of works.


Existence of a detailed work schedule permits to monitor the dynamics of the smallest tasks execution at the stage of the project implementation, to notice in due time deviations in time limits, determine their influence on the general progress of work and take adequate measures. The prepared plan enables to find out precisely in quality terms in which subsequences may result alteration of the tasks or resources volume, and to determine the expediency of such alterations.

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