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Efficient projects coordination at all stages of implementation thereof

1242243109_2403848.jpgFor successful and efficient project implementation it has to be permanently coordinate, therefore great attention is paid at ARMO-LINE to the process of the project coordination, execution of works and efficiency of communications between the parties involved in the project both inside the company and between the latter and employees of co-contractors. Such policy permits to ensure correctness and completeness of information being at the disposal of each party involved in the project and organize quick and successful joint work.

The project coordination is understood here as providing communication between various areas of and parties involved in the project for exchange of information or supply of resources within the prescribed time limits, including determination of resource requirements for the future. For the purpose of coordination of actions of the parties involved in the project a management team carrying out general management of and control over the project implementation is created. This group makes also decisions on any crucial points, monitors alterations and takes into account eventual risks. 

ARMO-LINE coordinates the actions of all parties involved in the project for the avoidance of conflict situations, violation of deadlines for execution of works and rendering services under contracts, as well as the budget deficit. In this connection the interaction between the parties is provided for by the Project Manager. The Project Coordination Group, a collegial working body including representatives of the Business Customer and Contractors, is created at especially large objects. 

ARMO-LINE experts execute the project coordination at the two main levels: interaction inside the company and the same with any other organizations. The project team working for execution of specified tasks for a specific order is formed at the first level. The team includes both contractors, and experienced managers able to organize communications and competent in settlement of current practical issues. 

The purpose of inter-group (inter-organization) coordination is to find out the instruments for communications and contact actively with other teams for adequate meeting of the project tasks’ and the Customer’s needs in the most efficient manner. Interaction with the related contractors, sub-contractors, equipment suppliers and the Customer’s representatives is organized at this level. 

The results of works of different parties involved in the project being information inputs for other teams are examined by the ARMO-LINE Project Manager in order to guarantee that they meet the peculiar needs of a specific project. 

On the occurrence of any conflicts the Project Manager organizes discussion thereof settles disputes between the parties. All recommendations formulated jointly by the parties involved in the project are passed to the Customer for approval, in which connection the Manager sees that all the opinions affecting the project progress and inter-group coordination were taken into account. For estimation of the state of affairs from the client’s point of view periodical meeting with the Customer are arranged, at which the correctness of meeting all requirements made by it is monitored. 

When working over the project, ARMO-LINE employees monitor and coordinate all discrepancies in deadlines, quality of works and obtained resources, and assess the existing and newly arising risks. All up-to-date information is passed to the Customer with explanations of influence of the situation on the project implementation, in this connection working process optimization techniques are proposed, and control over execution of the plan altered after coordination is carried out. 

Unfortunately, in the course of any project implementation obstacle arise, the necessity of changing the scope and/or types of works appears and the list of contractors may change. In such cases an experienced Project Manager can prevent occurrence of many complexities and organize conflict-free and efficient problem solution. 

In such situations precisely the competent coordination of actions of all parties involved in the project yields the most perceptible results. Precise team interaction, the Project Manager’s professionalism are able to reduce (or to neutralize completely in some cases) negative consequences of problem situations for the project as a whole. In this connection interrelations built up competently and efficient communication permit to make quickly and execute the decisions on working process optimization. Existence of a structured control and accounting system enables to implement the project with the proper quality, within the fixed terms and the formed budget limits. 

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