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Integrated work quality management in implementation of projects of any complexity level

quality.jpgAs follows from the work experience of «ARMO-LINE», implementation of practically all projects requires from the organizers and participants permanent reduction of the time and costs of implementation thereof and simultaneous improvement of work quality. Such approach is especially topical in implementation of large projects, in which case plenty of enterprises and companies are engaged in participation therein. In this connection arises the crucial issue of coordination and concurrence of actions of all parties involved in the project. It follows quite clearly from the practice that a principal factor of large projects successful implementation is an efficient quality control system. 

The quality management system is a system of procedures, rules, information, resources, people interacting within the framework of the project for determination and achievement of the objectives in the field of quality.  

Development of the quality management system for a specific project consists of the following processes:

1. Definition of the notion of quality and quality parameters.
Quality of products and services is determined by the Customer’s expectations and requirements, on the one hand, and by the processes taking place inside the project team, on the other hand.
Those factors must be decomposed into components to obtain a measurable system of parameters.

2. Quality standards definition.
The value, which can be considered to be satisfactory or target (standard) is determined for each parameter. Technical standards and technical specifications, the experience accumulated by the company and the industry as a whole, the Customer’s requests, etc. are used as the sources of those values.

3. Quality monitoring system development and implementation.
Quality monitoring is carried out on the basis of a system of parameters and a set of the determined standards. In this connection the gaps between standard and real values of certain parameters (discrepancies) play the part of benchmarks.

4. Quality analysis system development and implementation.
The data accumulated in the course of quality monitoring (control) are analyzed, the main objective whereof is to determine the reasons for the detect discrepancies and to formulate the measures intended for elimination of those reasons (corrective actions). Such analysis help also to find out the unfavorable trends and threats, which may result in the occurrence of discrepancies in future; and to determine the measures intended for elimination thereof (preventive actions). 

Organizational structures, resources, methodical and instrumental support of the required quality of executed works are defined in a quality plan. In this connection the documents regulating measures for quality management are created: for example, the project audits plan, monitoring questionnaires and management accounting forms, etc. 

Audit is carried out at certain moments of the project implementation for the purpose of control over the quality of works execution and compliance with the time limits. Monitoring purpose is furnishing of operating aggregated information about the project implementation dynamics sufficient for making key decisions regarding the project to the Customer. The data is fixed in the form of reports, which permits to find out the possibility of the project getting into the risk area and take the necessary actions in due time. 

Thus, quality management is a lot more than mere control and rejection of defective products. It includes all activities intended for planning, maintenance, control, analysis and improvement of the quality of works executed in the course of the project. Control over the results of all executed works required for systematic maintenance of and improvement in quality. 

Implementation of any project, even the same with the smallest scope, includes several parallel and serial processes, several working stages. In this connection the results of one process are the input resources for other processes. Therefore the poor result of one working stage initiates a chain reaction and jeopardizes achievement of the project ultimate purposes. 

In this connection «ARMO-LINE» employees organize at each working stage efficient project quality management, which includes stage-wise quality control, monitoring and elimination of problems, as well as the causes thereof, performance analysis and optimization of the quality maintenance system itself and, furthermore, planning and execution of the quality improvement activities. Skills and expertise of «ARMO-LINE» personnel permit to provide for quality of works meeting the expectations of the most exacting Customer. 

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