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Deadline monitoring of works subject to the length and interconnection of operations

1225989794_1228.jpgWithin the framework of project management «ARMO-LINE» monitors the works deadlines, for which purpose the processes are split into the smallest operations with estimation their length and their interrelations are found out. The progress schedule and timetable management plan are also developed for the purpose of deadline monitoring. In order to optimize the project implementation process «ARMO-LINE» employees analyze timely the causes of delays and develop solutions helping comply with the fixed time limits. 

The ubiquitous and stable tendency for considerable and not always reasonable time increase may be observed upon execution of construction works. Unfortunately, exceeding of contractual time limits for construction or repairs twofold and more surprises nobody now. But any serious delay results, as a rule, in such disagreeable consequences as the cost overrun and performance impairment. Thus, deadline monitoring and progress schedule management are crucially important aspects for any project implementation. 

To ensure execution of works within the prescribed time limits and within the limits of the approved budget «ARMO-LINE» experts are permanently in close cooperation with the Client and related organizations. The schedules for phasing and simultaneousness of construction works execution strictly connected with the financial schedule are prepared at the company also on the basis of cost accounts, the project specificity and the Customer’s requests analysis. 

Great attention is paid at «ARMO-LINE» to determination of the inspection points at the stage of the work schedule creation. The same are points of the design documentation development, preparation, approval and delivery, obtaining a permit, order and equipment and materials delivery, as well as completion of a part of construction or assembly works. 

Time management is started already during preliminary planning, since planning is also a specific working stage and there is a fixed term for completion thereof. 

One of the instruments for deadline monitoring is the schedule management plan, wherein the inspection points for collection of progress reports are determined. The project implementation progress is analyzed, recommendations for the work schedule alteration are developed, and the project schedule is updated (when needed and after approval by the Customer) on the basis of information obtained at the inspection points. 

In addition to the analysis of the project state at the inspection points the participants of works meetings are convened periodically for time management (when working over any large project contractors’ representatives are also take part therein). The reports of the persons in charge of carrying out operations containing information about the time required for completion of a particular work are submitted at such meetings. Such formulation of reports is targeted to the perspective and is more efficient in comparison with the situation when only the percentage completion data is communicated. 

In the event of a discrepancy between the actual deadlines and the planned ones, different variants of keeping the schedule are considered, after that the information and recommendations are passed to the Customer for decision making. The variants of measures for correction of the arising discrepancy are estimated from the point of view of technical and organizational feasibility, cost account possibilities and effects on the project implementation process. 

Construction completion within a short period of time is the main request of the majority of Customers, but this is possible only in the event that the time limits for design and construction works completion are planned carefully and controlled strictly. For this purpose «ARMO-LINE» experts apply the latest planning and deadline monitoring methods, having proved already their efficiency, and use specialized software products.

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