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Designing, construction and equipping of banks with engineering systems

IMG_0160.jpgOne of business priorities of ARMO-LINE is designing of bank offices and equipping of banks with various engineering systems. The company created “from the ground up” a great deal of financial institution offices equipped at the state-of-the-art level. ARMO-LINE may act as a General Contractor in the course of implementation of such projects and be in charge of both execution of construction and architectural works and integration of all engineering systems of the office with subsequent guarantee maintenance and aftersales servicing. Among the company’s clients are such renowned network financial institutions as Citibank, OTP Bank, Bank of Moscow, Gazprombank, etc.

ARMO-LINE possesses extensive experience of work with foreign network financial institutions, in which case equipping of one of the Customer’s offices all its hardware requirements and internal corporate standards are to be studied. In such a way the standards studied previously will be taken into consideration and the Customer’s time and funds will be saved at the initial stage of works in designing of all subsequent branches of the bank.

The key feature of equipping of banks is the specifity of the installed security systems, which is determined by the very nature financial institution’s activities. The high level of commercial and bank secrets, compact concentration material valuables and funds are present here. Thus, the most important task in designing and construction of banks is the task of creating reliable protection of premises against unauthorized penetration.

For each new project ARMO-LINE develops its individual Concept, wherein equipping of a bank with a specific system of technical safety is provided for. The following points should be reflected in such Concept in the general case:

  • construction of multiple level protection, in which case the protection level is the greater the nearer is the most protected object (territory, building, premises);
  • combined application of modern protection equipment for information detection, monitoring, collection and processing providing for authentic representation and objective documenting of events;
  • reliable engineering and technical protection of likely routes of unauthorized penetration to the protected area of the bank;
  • stable duplicated (sometimes multiply duplicated) system of communication and control over all interacting protective structures, including security service of the bank.

The modern approach to banking security implies complexity and integrated nature of the respective engineering systems, which entails wide use of IT-technologies in control and monitoring of the whole security system of the financial institution. Experience in this field accumulated by ARMO-LINE permits the company to use in equipping of banks such equipment and such software platforms, which are higher priority from the Customer’s point of view or comply with its internal standards.

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