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EAS and integrated security systems installation

supermarket_1.jpgTypically chain stores are located in the large shopping centers, sharing the territory as anchor tenants. The main feature of this location is that the tenant gets the Shell & Core premises. Such premises have a concrete screed, double-glazed windows, air conditioning and ventilation, as well as engineering systems. Therefore, the main task in building equipment is to design and install EAS and integrated security systems. 

To ensure overall safety and prevent theft by visitors and staff, the store is equipped with antitheft input/output devices, CCTV system, security alarms, access control and monitoring system of cash operations. Of course, installation of EAS equipment requires certain costs, but such investments pay off quickly (store turnover increases by 1,5-2 times when transitioning to self-service). 

Antitheft systems consist of EAS gates, product sensors and deactivators of products’ protection. Such systems feature electromagnetic, radio-magnetic, acoustomagnetic and radio-frequency technologies.To protect the store against thieves using booster bag (special bags with foil), we recommend to install EAS gates equipped with metal detector.

To ensure complete security of the whole area, each department of the store is equipped with a video surveillance system that helps to prevent theft and goods damage. In addition, this system can identify violation of job descriptions and attempts to breach public order. 

For access restriction can be used Access Control System (ACS), allowing security system to protect offices, warehouses and other premises from intrusion. Access Control includes various turnstiles and gates and also features security management software for management, monitoring and configuration of access rights. If necessary, Access Control System can be integrated into a single complex with CCTV system. 

Another important part of the integrated security system is an alarm system, which is designed to provide security staff with alarm notifications in case of unauthorized access to the protected area. This system consists of security sensors and control panels, collecting and processing information about the state of the alarm system. 

One of the most vulnerable places of the store is a checkout area. It is advisable to organize a special system including high-res IP-cameras synchronized with the text from the POS. Thus, security monitor displays both video and text with a record of cashier operations, so operator can see not only check information, but other events at the checkout (i.e. cash box opening or manual input of the product code). 

ARMO-Line experts have an extensive experience in supplying chain stores with security systems, and can perform design, installation and commissioning of such systems in commercial enterprises of various sizes. ARMO-Line Company also provides warranty service of all installed equipment. In its work ARMO-Line utilizes the latest technologies and most advanced equipment and software.

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