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Designing, construction and equipping of network offices

1213780624_img_299.jpgOne of main activities of «ARMO-LINE» is creation of offices for corporate clients. In this connection special attention is paid to studying corporate requirement not only to the premises themselves, but standard organization in the field of technical equipment and use of trade marks as well. Upon construction of network offices, «ARMO-LINE» follows the principle of execution of works with high quality, in compliance with the prescribed time limits and within the limits of the fixed budget.


As a rule, office buildings comprise various premises which can be used as the director’s study, a reception room, a room for negotiations, and various amenity rooms. If the office belongs to a large network company then it is necessary to take into account in designing thereof the corporate requirements and standards imposed on each type of office premises and the office as a whole. Proceeding from that, «ARMO-LINE» experts study in detail the standards adopted in the respective organization before starting to design any network office.


Such an approach is especially important when a network office of any foreign company, wherein such standards are clearly determined, is equipped. Standards relating to the installed equipment manufacturer, and systems composition may be also attributed to this category. Thus, all brands and standards, using which the network office will be constructed, are found out in the course of pre-design preparation. It is of great importance to point out here that having studied client’s corporate features upon construction of one office, creation of all subsequent customer’s branches do not require further time consumption for such studies, and the time required for budget preparation will be reduced also. Thus, having constructed one office of the whole network, «ARMO-LINE» will be able to construct successfully the rest of the client’s offices in any Russian city taking into account the customer’s corporate features.


It is important to point out that working with corporate clients not only compliance with corporate standards is required, but accurate keeping of accounts for the customer as well. Besides, practically daily inspection of the progress of works on the project is appreciated by clients. Compliance with the requirements to premises finishing off and design is regarded in earnest at «ARMO-LINE», since any office in the customer’s network is the company’s face. The company’s management pays great attention also to compliance with the requirements of legislation on labor protection, in which connection the whole personnel of «ARMO-LINE» (engineers and workers) is provided with appropriate working clothes when working at the objects.


In the course of building relations with a customer the whole complex of the requests made by him is to be taken into account. Hereafter the contractor's responsibility for compliance therewith is reflected in a separate Agreement for execution of engineering and construction works for creation of network offices. «ARMO-LINE» considers the aspiration to execute works at the ultra-high quality level to be its distinctive feature, since cooperation with corporate clients implies long-lasting interrelation. The Customer has to know that upon development of its network and construction of new offices he may always approach «ARMO-LINE», and all required works will be executed with high quality and within the prescribed time limits.

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