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Sheraton.jpgModern hotel business is distinguished by high degree of automation of both engineering systems of buildings and specific business processes. More and more major international hotel operators, which place heavy demands on quality of construction, equipping and services at their objects started recently their activities Russia. «ARMO-LINE» possesses already the experience of work with such brands as «Marriott», «Sheraton» and «Intercontinental» known world-wide and can provide full range of services for implementation of projects in the hospitality industry. 

All modern hotels are classified according to the number of stars and, depending on their class, should comply with a certain set of requirements. Besides the general requirements to hotels of a certain class, each of major international hotel operators has its own internal standards. Therefore upon conclusion of contract for use of a renowned brand, any developer should first of all study and analyze the requirements existing inside this network. 

For its successful functioning the hotel building should be equipped with a great number of various engineering systems: power supply, lighting, ventilation and conditioning, water supply, heating, sewerage, communication, security, monitoring, computer and telecommunication networks. For control and control of all those systems the integrated dispatching system or BMS (Building Management System) is used, in this connection all requirement to the Building Management System are determined, as a rule, by the standards adopted inside a particular hotel network. LonWork, BacNet and KNX/EIB technologies, which are able to combine all life support systems of the building in unified fault tolerant structure, are used as a rule for creation of such BMS. 

When organizing the hotel power supply, it is recommended to install uninterruptible power system besides commercial power supply and emergency lighting systems, and to provide for the possibility of further buildup of the power system. More and more Russian companies pay attention upon construction of hotels to creation of emergency electrical power systems, because the main task in hotel operation is to create comfortable and safe conditions for staying of guests. 

The hotel integrated security system is usually a independent component of BMS and includes the following elements:

The first priority tusk while checking in guests is to spend for their accommodation as few time as possible and to make the process comfortable for guests as much as possible, and efficient as much as possible for personnel. All this is provided for by the special hotel management system, which is a software system using in its operation hotel SCS and LAN. Various modules included in the hotel computer-aided control system permit also to computerize to the maximum the processes of management of hotel systems. 

«ARMO-LINE» possesses the experience of work with major international hotel operators and can implement projects of equipping of hotels with engineering and IT-systems with any level of complexity complying at the same time with all requirements of intra-network standards of each specific brand.

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