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Warehouse full automation subject to distinctions of the object’s different areas

auto-49.jpgThe key feature of office and warehousing complexes is existence of a great number of areas intended for different purposes therefore warehouse automation is a complex task. The basis for organization of IT-infrastructure and security systems of the warehouse is SCS, and the dispatch system is used for efficient operation of such complexes’ engineering systems. Upon implementation of such projects, «ARMO-LINE» uses the latest IT-technologies permitting to computerize stock-keeping units accounting. 

As a rule, the territory of such complexes includes driveway and entrance groups, areas of the goods unloading and loading, warehousing and office premises, the goods packing area, etc. Execution of warehouse automation work is started with the design stage, in which connection all requirements to functional capabilities of future warehousing systems are found out and agreed upon with customer beforehand; at the final stage «ARMO-LINE» employees execute software installation and setting up. 

The structured cabling system (SCS) is the necessary basis, whereon warehouse automation is executed. All information infrastructure of the object – computer and telephone network, organization of access to the Internet, and all security protection engineering systems of the office and warehousing complex are deployed on the basis of SCS. 

Diversity of areas in office and warehousing complexes imposes also special requirements on the composition of security systems for such objects. Warehouse full automation implies the existence of such security systems as access control system, video surveillance system, security alarm (including perimeter one), and fire fighting system. Besides, all warehouse facilities are divided into classes, each whereof has its own requirements to security protection, which should be taken into account when selecting appropriate equipment. 

An automatic barrier or electro-mechanic gate controlled by the dispatcher or car license-plate number readout system is installed in the warehouse access control system at the driveway, as a rule. Full automation of the warehouse driveway is possible owing to installation of a video camera and a software-hardware complex for car license-plate number recognition, the warehouse gate also may be equipped with a non-contact access card readout device. 

The warehouse entrance area is equipped with turngates with non-contact access card readout devices, in which connection pass-tickets are programmed by the dispatcher using special devices. Upon the warehouse automation, the access to its office area is restricted and is allowed only to employees possessing appropriate authorities. For maintenance of a unified employee, client and vehicle database it is expedient to combine all access control systems for different warehouse areas into the unified software-hardware complex. 

As the experience suggests, the best protection of objects is provided for by integrated security systems comprising access control, video surveillance and security alarm. «ARMO-LINE» employees possess extensive experience in equipping of warehouses and offices with similar systems, and complete warehouse automation, starting with design stage and ending with software installation at the completed object, can be executed by them. 

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