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Overall equipping of TEC engineering systems subject to the objectís individual features

The key feature of trading and entertainment centers (“–÷) lies in the fact that those objects are complex, they consist of premises ryazan_interior__061102_big.jpgintended for different purposes: sales premises (including supermarkets), public catering establishments (food courts, restaurants, cafes), film theater, service businesses, and areas intended for recreation and entertainment. In this connection TEC may be situated in one or in several buildings interconnected with each other. Multi-functionality of such objects implies staying therein of a large number of people within a long period of time, which impose severe requirements to operation of the building engineering systems creating comfortable conditions of staying in such complexes. Since TEC areas are intended for different purposes, the comfort indices for them are different.                                                                                                                            

In order to provide for efficient operation of a trading and entertainment complex a number of engineering systems is required:

  • Heating, ventilation, conditioning (HVC)
  • Heat- and cold supply
  • Power supply system
  • Fire fighting system
  • Water supply and sewerage
  • LAN, SCS
  • Access control system
  • Security alarm
  • Video surveillance
  • Fire alarm
  • Communication systems, including ATS
  • Warning and wire broadcasting system
  • Cable, over-the-air and satellite television
  • Dispatching and automation system
  • Various auxiliary systems

In this connection all building engineering systems should be adapted to the requirements for different areas of the trading and entertainment center. Existence of a computerized dispatching system in the TEC building permits to react timely to any emergency situations and malfunctioning, and to decrease the service personnel numerical strength, since equipment control becomes centralized, and engineering systems become remote-controlled. 

As a rule, such complex consumes sufficiently large volumes of thermal power, which often results in the necessity of the own boiler house construction. Automation of such boiler houses permits to take measures for saving heat, water and electric power at the building and furthermore, the expenditures connected with laying of pipes for TEC heat and water supply are decreased upon construction of the own heat supply unit. 

Upon TEC designing, construction of car parking areas, which should comply with the environmental standards, is planned. For this purpose all waste water arriving from parking areas, must be directed to a water treatment system. Besides, in order to make the complex attractive externally and provide for additional convenience for visitors, it is necessary to improve the territory adjacent to the building.                                                                                                          

«ARMO-LINE» experts possess all skills required in order to equip TEC various engineering systems, bring their operation under control of an integrated dispatching system and provide subsequently for guarantee maintenance and after-sale support of engineering systems of the building. In this connection all designing, assembly and engineering system commissioning works are executed by «ARMO-LINE» subject to the existing standards and regulations (SNiP, SanPiN, GOST) with optimization for both the equipment acquisition cost, and the cost of maintenance, operation and servicing thereof. 

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