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Designing and installation of a conference system for conference rooms and multifunctional congress halls

congres.jpgModern business development inevitably results in growth of the number of business meetings, negotiations, seminars and conferences. A special-purpose premise, wherein the appropriate conference systems are installed, is required to organize such events competently. Depending on the purposes and scope of the events to be conducted, this may be both an ordinary meeting room in a modern office equipped with a presentation display system, and a large congress hall, wherein such systems are installed in their entirety.

Currently experts divide conference systems into 3 types: analogous, digital and wireless, each of them permitting to seminar and congress participants to communicate easily in different languages, comply with the speeches time limits and vote upon adoption of resolutions. In this connection users obtain support at all conference stages, including the results documenting and materials archivation. 

Modern conference systems permit to reduce the loss of time when dealing with any procedural matters, and upon preparation, conduction and summarizing of various events. The minimum quantity of cables required for system installation ensures efficiency of mounting thereof. To make the lecturer’s data or the course of discussion more illustrative the video support (image display large screens) function is included in the congress systems. One more advantage of those systems is the possibility to use them in both automatic mode, and in the mode of servicing by an operator. 

When holding international meetings and negotiations often arises the necessity of simultaneous interpretation of the lecturer’s speech into several languages, and in this case the simultaneous interpretation system being a conference system component becomes indispensable. It is based on a multi-channel audio module, one of channels whereof is occupied by the lecturer’s voice broadcasting, and the rest of channels are used for parallel transmission of his speech interpretation into other languages. 

The possibility to organize videoconferencing (VC) within the framework of the conference system permits to hold meetings and negotiations with people staying in any place of the world possessing in this connection all advantages of direct «live» communication. Discussion panels of many systems have a built-in electronic voting function, and for automatic registration of the event participants the conference system may be complemented with identification card readout devices, which may be used also by delegates for access to certain system management functions or microphone use. 

In the course of implementation of the conference system creation project «ARMO-LINE» employees investigate the object, consult the Customer, after that they develop the project and the technical and commercial offer. After equipment installation and commissioning the company undertakes warranty and post-warranty services, as well as the installed system and equipment technical support and upgrading. 

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