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Integrated building electric systems

electric_systems.jpgEngineering systems of any modern building include electric systems providing power supply, artificial lighting and monitoring power consumption at an object. «ARMO-LINE» creates reliable and cost-efficient electric systems using in designing and installation thereof the most up-to-date technologies. 

Power supply electric systems are intended for electric power transmission from sources to users, in which connection electric power sources, distribution devices and users (electrical receivers) are the main components of power supply systems. To ensure reliability of power supply underground cable lines are laid to buildings by the existing standards from two independent transformer substations. 

Especially large structures, as well as power-consuming and important objects are not infrequently equipped with their own transformer substations. The capacity and quantity of transformers supplying power to a building are determined by the electric load rate, and all electrical receivers of a building are divided into categories according to the degree of reliability of power supply. Electrical receivers, interruption in power supply whereof may result in the death risk for people and malfunction of especially important building elements (smoke protection, automatic fire-alarm system, warning and people evacuation systems, etc.) are attributed to the first category.

 The second category includes electrical receivers, interruption in power supply whereof may result in disturbance of the normal activity of employees staying in a building, the rest of electrical receivers are attributed to the third category. Electric system supply main scheme is developed only after division of those devices into categories, in which connection electrical receivers of the first category should receive electric power from two independent sources meeting the requirements of power supply reliability with respect to the allowed time of restoration thereof and the allowed voltage deviation from the nominal value. 

Electric system working project implementation includes exact calculation of cables section at the input to a building, for which purpose the nameplate data of the electrical installations being used should be taken into consideration. As a rule, any electric system includes the following parts, which should be designed:

  • Input equipment (IE)
  • Distribution device (DD)
  • Automatic throw-over equipment (ATO)
  • Reserve power generator (RPG)
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • Voltage regulator (VR), etc. 

The extensive experience in creation of various electric systems of buildings accumulated by «ARMO-LINE» enables creation and commissioning by its employees of power supply, electric lighting and power consumption monitoring systems subject to the current standards and regulations. The company works with equipment produced by various manufacturers selected in accordance with each project’s special features and the Customer’s requirements. 

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