Building IT and critical systems: concurrent engineering

IT.jpgInterdependence of business processes and IT- technology applied inside companies become increasingly evident in the present-day world. Thus, there exists IT-system permanently growing importance in day-to-day business problem solving. Besides, IT-infrastructure is the basis for the building engineering systems and equipment integration into a unified system. Therefore «ARMO-LINE» experts apply a packaged approach and solve the most intricate problems for various systems integration when creating any object’s IT-system. In this connection a custom-tailored approach and highly professional project execution are guaranteed to the Customer. 

Each «smart» building is equipped with a structured cabling system (SCS) being a universal flexible commutation infrastructure for transmitting signals of different nature. Since SCS is the physical basis for computer, telephone and engineering networks, it maintains functioning of the whole IT-system of the object and should possess such characteristics as universality, redundancy, flexibility, reliability. 

Local area networks (LAN) are the corporate network main part and the basis for implementing such applications as ERP-systems, specialized functional applications (for human resources departments, sales subdivisions, customer service), web-applications, electronic commerce. Active network equipment with failure-resistant switching units is the physical basis for LAN construction, multilevel network design model being used for this purpose. 

It is common knowledge that poor telecommunication is not only inconvenience for company’s employees, but a direct threat of losing clients as well. Therefore «ARMO-LINE» employees pay great attention to such office IT-systems as corporate telephony systems. The company’s financial possibilities, its communication needs and, as a matter of fact, the station’s functional capabilities are taken into consideration when selecting PBX. Such systems provide the basic and extended set of telephone services with unlimited scalability and the possibility of video applications introduction, besides, they permit to construct a universal contact/call processing center.

As a rule, modern buildings IT-systems include over-the-air and satellite television signal detection and distribution system enabling TV-programs viewing at any premises. In this connection ground-based and satellite TV broadcasting signals are received by a set of television antennas located inside the radiating aerials line-of-sight coverage, as a rule, on the building roof. After that signals are brought to the head-end station (HES) forming TV signals for transmission throughout a building or a group of buildings. 

Due to the fact that quality of electric power supplied to the building is not always proper (blackouts, voltage falls, departures from accepted standards, etc. are observed), it is necessary to use uninterrupted and/or guaranteed power supply systems to prevent equipment malfunction and failure thereof. In the event of short-time failure in power supply uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) are used, and to supply user devices with power within a long period autonomous power generating plants based on internal combustion engines are included in IT-systems.