"ARMO-LINE": buildings mechanical systems designing and installation

Currently no building can do without mechanical engineering systems, including water supply and sewerage, cold- and heat supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems. All modern shopping centers, industrial premises, office buildings, restaurants, dwelling houses, i.e. all premises where people work and take rest are equipped with such systems. Mechanical systems primary purpose is to provide transportation and the distribution throughout a building of such resources as water, heat and air ensuring comfortable staying of people in a building.

«ARMO-LINE» performs the entire spectrum of services related to designing and installation of water supply and sewerage, heating and heat supply, ventilation and air conditioning, cold supply, fire fighting, smoke protection systems. The company’s experts work with industrial and public objects of arbitrary complexity executing in this connection the following types of works:

Communications are designed by special-purpose application software in accordance with construction norms and regulations, which permits to obtain within the optimal time limits the data on building structure heat loss, determine the estimated flow rate cold and hot water supply systems, waste water, calculate hydraulics of heating, water supply and water disposal pipeline systems, the required air exchange parameters.

Exact calculation pipeline flow rates and diameters permit to reduce the total expenditure for engineering systems construction and subsequent operation down to 30%. Application of advanced technologies in designing and installation enables «ARMO-LINE» to construct reliable and cost-efficient engineering systems. 

Architectural features and the function of the building to be equipped have significant influence with mechanical systems designing. In this connection the resource accounting, process automation, systems interaction problems are also solved in the course of designing. Special algorithms of system operation in the emergency modes, and even emergency subsystems independent from the main system are often provided for.

«ARMO-LINE» selects partners for delivery of equipment and assistance in system installation from among major companies represented at the Russian market and possessing many years' experience of efficient work. Customers working in banking, telecommunication, construction, commercial, machine-building and many other fields cooperate with «ARMO-LINE». This permits to state with confidence that the professional level of the company’s experts is high and they are able to find the optimal solution for problems of any level of complexity.