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Complex installation of security systems in modern buildings

security.jpgEquipping of any building is incomplete, unless security systems (SS) are installed, which control not only integrity of utility systems, but take care of protection against unauthorized intrusions as well. As a rule, security systems include the following subsystems: video surveillance, access control, security alarm, fire alarm and fire fighting system. 

Depending on the equipment used, video surveillance systems may be analogous or digital. In this connection analogous systems are used upon installation of security systems at small objects, and digital video surveillance systems are installed to ensure safety of especially important or geographically-distributed objects. Currently digital video surveillance technologies gradually "exert pressure" on analogous systems with respect to functional and technical characteristics, and as for their price, it is already close to the cost of analogous video surveillance systems. 

Access control system (ACS) is intended for permission and limitation of movement of people, things, transport within premises, buildings and through the territory of the guarded object. ACS computerize completely access management, and can solve such problems as daily performance record, location of employees, elevator control, etc. The main components of such system are readout devices installed at the entry into the controlled premises, electronic passes and actuators (electromechanical locks, turngates, etc.) 

Security alarm executes timely warning of the safeguard service about the fact of unauthorized penetration or attempted penetration of people into the building or separate premises thereof, in which connection the system fixes the place and time of penetration into the protected area. Information about violations is collected and passed to the control panel by safety sensors differing according to their functions (for example, motion sensor, break glass sensor, flooding sensor) and operating principle (for example, IR- and SHF-sensors). After processing of the signal from the intrusion protection devices control and indicating equipment forms the alarm signal, which initiate actuation of protective announcers and other actuators. 

The may functions of fire alarms are timely detection of the fire point and formation of control signals for fire warning and automatic fire fighting systems. Annunciators are used for fire detection, and control and indicating equipment executes processing and registration of information, and sends control signals. Aspiration systems, which ensure forced pumping of air through flowing fume detectors, lately are used more frequently for protection of large open air areas (atriums, theaters, warehouses, …) and detection of smoke in inaccessible areas (elevator shafts, cabinets with electronics, air transfer ducts …). 

Technical and technological development of security systems resulted in a situation when modern buildings practically are not equipped with segmentary subsystems, but integrated security systems are installed, which permit to execute centralized control over the respective equipment. Various method from the most simple (integration at the level of dry contacts) to more complicated (integration at the level of software) are used for integration of security systems. An explicit relationship is observed here: the higher is the building class, the more complicated are integrated security systems, and more rich are their functional capabilities.

«ARMO-LINE» experts possess skills sufficient for construction of integrated security systems at objects of arbitrary complexity. The company has the experience of work with the equipment of various brands and can offer the Customer an individual solution adequate for organization of protection of any specific object.

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